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Ybas is founded by Mr. Ove Jansson and Mr. Jan Backman. They are experienced business developers and management professionals. Both have a background in international industry, they have management and board member roles in mid-cap companies as well as in startup companies. Over the years, they have managed to create a large network both nationally and internationally.

With an Engineering degree Jan has had several management positions in Wärtsilä. He is a founding member of innovative technology company WE Tech Solutions. He held a position as CEO at Fluid-Bag for over 10 years before deciding to dedicate his experience and knowledge to Ybas, a consultancy company helping start-up and mid-cap companies to develop and succeed.

Ove, with a Business degree, has seen his family company grow from a small national business to an established international successful growth company. Ove has been involved both as an investor as well as a board member in several start-up companies. He has also run his own Motor racing team, a team that has helped several drivers to reach international success. With over 25 years of business experience Ove is now a dedicated business developer and management expert.

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