We help companies set goals and provide guidance in the process of achieving those goals that simultaneously support both the vision and the mission. Other services include strategy work, business planning, operational planning, corporate development, vision/mission/values and coaching of Management and Board of Directors.

Marketing And Sales

We help companies to define their target market, define sales targers, find sales channels, create marketing strategies and to monitor progress and make necessary changes.

International Expansions

Together with foreign partners to do the necessary market research and plan the establishment. Support the operational management trough the establishment process domestically and internationally. If necessary, execute the establishment.

Change Management and Restructuring

We help companies to structure the change process. Plan and execute strategical changes together with client and legal partners. Support operational management troughout the restructuring process. If necessary, execute the restructuring. Reunite the parties to a life after the change.

Mergers and Acquisitions

As a buyer of a company you need to do a thorough due dilligence both legally and financially. What are the company’s agreements and obligations? Ownership structure, etc. As a seller, you have to know what you are selling, what agreements bind the company and what risks the company runs that can result in demands for the buyer. We help to get things sorted out before buying or selling. That necessary contracts are concluded or terminated and that necessary documentation is produced.

Media and Marketing Services

We also offer a wide range of media and marketing services which include press releases, content production, newsletters and social media services. We have a broad understanding and knowledge on how publishers work. This makes it possible to produce content that is relevant and easy for publishers to work with.

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